Monday, 19 November 2007

Rainy Night

Last night it was raining so hard, and the rain storm appeared to be coming down the hill, rather than from the sea as usual that we discovered some new problems. Putting the children to bed I noticed a really chilly draft sort of coming through the sash window. Wasn't sure how to resolve it really, well other than get PVC windows, but decided to fix curtain to window frame with clothes pegs in the end. It did seem to keep the wind out. Really did not know sash windows could be so holey.

Then came downstairs and found rain creeping in under kitchen door. We knew the door did not fit very well, but to have a door actually lettting rain in was not expected. Could not think of solution to that one so went in to living room instead, with lovely warm fire and glass of wine and watched 24.

In effort to be frugal we signed up to one of those DVD by post schemes, but as we don't want to pay any money, we feel we have to watch DVD's really quickly when they come in the post. Is bit of a shame really as think 24 is beginning to be a bit much for me, really fancied just sitting last night. 24 is amazing really, but so brutal and disturbing am not sure its actually good for me. Spent hours awake in bed last night worrying about, goodness knows what really and sure it was because was so hyped up from watching 24 before bed. When I was pregnant we watched another series, and I managed to get such bad toothache I thought something was really wrong, dentist said I was just stressed and grinding my teeth in bed, due to watching 24.

I think I've answered my own question really, need to stop watching 24 probably altogether but definitely before going to sleep. Do not want to drive self any more mad than already am. Going to try a week without telly soon, just need to convince rest of family...


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Piper said...

I'm having exactly the same thing with watching I Claudius on DVD. It's very funny but bits of it are so vile (even though you don't see much) that it keeps me awake at night! Much cheaper than visiting Blockbuster and much more choice tho - time to order some light comedies I think! x Piper