Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Shopped out - not!

Just been in to town, remembered the essential ness of thermal vests for children...after scouring all cheaper shops finally got some in marks and spencer's. Shopping is hard here, I'm starting to think is hard in all smaller towns, maybe that is why catalogues exist (well and to spread the cost).

Went shoe shopping on the weekend for the children, could not get any shoes in their size (apart from flashing trainers which do not count) in first shop, finally managed to buy some we all agreed on in last shop, although when husband tried to have an opinion did tell him to shut up, as couldn't cope with any more democracy in the family. Think he was bit offended, still avoided the shoe equivalent of dodgy pubs (sorry Mat).

Then today saw some clogs in a shop I quite liked, but worried that I just liked them because I haven't seen any decent shoes for ages, and would, as friend H put it; ' Go off them in London because they aren't properly trendy, you just think they are out of shopping deprivation'. Worried if I need a new outfit around Christmas, well I do, but can I afford it? Rather than skulk about primark and matalan and try and create a funky but somehow expensive looking outfit by sheer familiarsation with the stock. But here...there's just the lower end of the market and several next shops, which a local told me I look like I shop in as I'm posh (shamefully rather than being a bit embarassed at being told I was posh was more like shock horror I look like I shop in that horrid shop).

And the cheaper shops, just look well, cheap when they're not bang up to date, but full of nylon and bad seams. The alternative is to go in to town, or Bluewater, trouble is there is no way I can bring self and credit card in those locations without serious damage.

When people talk about downshifting maybe they all know the fact that there's nothing to buy means that you stick to your budget, but also look like an out of date country girl. I even found myself lusting after one of those sleeveless padded vest things the other day, thought it'd be handy nipping in and out of car. Please someone warn me if I ever buy anything in bottle green, wellies, coat or anything, that I used to be cool once...

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