Sunday, 11 November 2007

Dark Day

Just realised there is a definite correlation between how much work we do on the garden and how much our neighbours talk to us. We definitely have the worst front garden on the road, and actually really nice neighbours. Basically we're not keeping up with the neighbourhood, not in terms of buying things but in doing work on the house.

Never knew suburbia was so hard. Will have to make best front garden in street just to make up. Trouble is husband broke all garden tools last week when digging, seriously broke the spade, fork and a hoe thing. Also I saw a big arch enemy out there this week, a very hairy spider which moved very quickly. The moving ones are the worst, am sort of getting immune to the still ones in the corners. Please don't tell me they move when I'm not looking, have decided they like to live very still, sort of to not be noticed so they can catch things.

Friend from Bexhill had a rat in her kitchen bin last week, she just shut the lid and went to work. That's braver than me, although in some ways bit ineffective as a treatment as rat was still in bin later on. She did not know where it came from and she is in a new apartment. The creatures of the outside world come to all of us, no matter what sort of plaster you have on the walls.

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