Monday, 5 November 2007

Busy weekend, managed to dig up the front garden. Not sure exactly how though as husband managed to break both the fork and the spade within a hour of using them. Have decided that everytime I do something on the house it makes me happy for at least a day. Then went for lovely walk in town, made even better by avoiding walking home up giant hill by parking the car at the bottom. Just lurked about in town, buying a few things we need from the health food shop, changed the children's night light, and wandered up the beach.

Have decided we, or I need some beauty at least once a week, up here at the top of the hill, we're not appreciating the beach or the sea, or even just the gorgousness of Hastings old town. It's definitely the way to keep sane.

Mind you have woken up this morning quite down, even though have lots planned for this week, think its just hard really.

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